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A community for text-based icons.
Welcome to texticons, a community for text-based icons.
This community was created and is currently maintained by abakkus.


General Rules & Guidelines
  1. This community is for text-based icons only. (lyrics, quotes, etc.) Do not post icons that are not text-centric. (Clarification: It is fine to post non-text icons as part of a batch if it is in an entry outside of the community, i.e., a fake cut.)
  2. Please try to keep your content under a cut. A small sampling of 1-4 icons is perfectly fine for a preview, however.
  3. If your icons contain adult content, please make sure that a warning is posted, and that any adult content is not seen outside of the cut.
  4. Be respectful of everyone! Keep all comments civil, and all critique constructive. Spam, flames, harassment, trolling, and other forms of unkind behavior are not allowed.
  5. Give credit to the icon maker if they so desire.
  6. It is not required that you tag your post, however, if you do, please check the existing tags to see if the one you wish to use has been created, and if not, how you should go about formatting the tag you want. This is to make it easy for everyone to find icons on the subject they're looking for. (Note: There is no punishment for mis-tagging, a mod will take care of any errors [that we notice!] for you.)
  7. Please participate! It is fine if you cannot create, but if you join, please take the time to comment now and then.
In the case of any rule violations:
A warning will be issued, followed by a ban if the behavior continues.
Moderators have the right to ban with no warning, and may do so in the case of extreme violations.
If you feel you have been banned unjustly, please appeal your case to abakkus.


Requests for affiliation are more than welcome. If you would like to be one, please reply to this post.